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What is the best way to contact you?



What social media sites are you on?

We have tried to interact on social media over the years so our content can be promoted to new people. This has been quite effective on some platforms we have pushed, However, over the last couple of years we have had Facebook accounts banned with very little explanation as to why. As these accounts were used to control the THA Talks Facebook page, this has now left the page with no admin and rather dormant. We have also had our Twitter account closed without explanation, as well as seen google restrict some of our content on its search engines. While in the past we used youtube sparingly we now have an active Youtube account that we upload all our interviews on, so far it has been safe.  The censorship has left us with the need to try and rebuild on new platforms, particularly alternative ones designed to combat the attack on internet free speech and discourse, like Gab and Telegram, among others. This does make it harder for alternative media to thrive as it has been, and the need for listeners to link the shows and spread the word themselves has become more important.


What is your show schedule?
We try to publish one show a week, however, we currently finance the show our selves, doing it all in our free time, as well as being add free, so during some periods we may not manage to cover our desired schedule, while other times we may be free to indulge more frequently!


How long are your editions?
Each edition is approximately one hour, although occasionally some may be shorter or go for much longer.


How can I download and save a show?
If you have not subscribed to us through our RSS audio feed or through a streaming service like Youtube or Spotify, you can stream each edition directly from our own website edition pages where you can also download them to your computer or device by clicking on the download button on the media player found there.


Are all the shows Free?
Yes. We currently run the show off of our own back and use our own free time. Running a podcast show like THA Talks takes preparation, hard work, and some cash. The longer the show goes on for it may become difficult for us to maintain the quantity and quality of shows we like to produce and as such we will need to seek ways for the show to create a little income to support its self, however, we would very much like to keep the show open and free to all who want to come and listen and this will also very much be on our agenda.


Do you do video interviews?
Not currently, However, it might be something we do in the future.


Do you do live broadcasts and call-ins?
Not currently. as podcasting remains an effective way for part-time media and pre-recorded content is easy to arrange a schedule around.  We have announced that we would do this in the past but our schedules have not permitted us the flexibility and time to do it to the standard we would like, but this does not rule it out for the future.


How do I subscribe to your RSS feed?
If you go to our Spotify & RSS feeds page it provides you with our RSS feed address and also some other directories we are registered in. You will need to install a podcast client app for your phone/tablet, or some software for your laptop/desktop. Using the client you install on your device you can either find our show by searching for “THA Talks” or copy our URL address into the search function.  You will then have the option to subscribe to our show where you will be able to check back to see what content has been published directly to the client you are using. Please note that even though you can access the shows without visiting our website, we do appreciate it if listeners do sometimes click around the website to help boost us in the search engine listings and to link our content on social media.


Where does your theme music come from?
The shows older music is written and recorded by Paul and taken from one of his incomplete songs. It was then edited and cut to be suitable for the show's intro. A full version may be made available in the future, as will updated tunes no doubt. Newer tunes like the current theme tune have been taken from supportive associates or from the free domain like the current intro tune “Epic Dramatic by Yuriy Bespalov “Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 It's been edited and reproduced for the show.


Are you a Right-wing or Left-wing supporter?
THA Talks as collective, despite many attempts from far-left organizations who have issues with us providing a stage for all speech,  are not Right Wing and we are also not Left Wing. We proudly fly as the whole bird where we think we belong. This is of course despite our hosts having their own political favors, as all have the right to do. The show has always been a vessel of knowledge for all and has allowed listeners to see us openly build up new outlooks and political views over time, particularly as European Nationalism has taken rise, Nationalism being an easy target for those of globalist interests dismissing the reality that Nationalism can sit quite comfortably in any political orientation, and can express its self in many different perspectives. 


To address our spiritual viewpoint on politics, we feel the feminine and masculine energies in the universe express themselves always, and this is also seen in the Right-wing and Left-wing political spectrum. As a bird needs two wings to fly, as the yin needs yang and yang need yin, the conjoining of the two is what usually brings more success. History tells us that a totalitarian concept, be it on the right or the left, can potentially lead to a destructive outcome. But it is also true that all ideas, places, and things need a form of protection to remain. This podcast understands that not all our content will be to everyone's taste, or may even offend some people, Yet, with respect, we do not regret any content on the show, as freedom also permits people the freedom to walk away and choose to listen to other things. Additionally, we are very clear that our listener's interaction, opinions, and recommendations are very important to us and we will never turn down an invitation to table an opposing argument or idea that challenges the views or statements from past guests or from our host speakers.

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