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“Count Dankula” avoids jail, but no cigar..


Those of you who read my article "The death of banter?" will be very aware that the state of western comedy is not something I'm very impressed with, as well as the reasons why this is. In that particular article it was purely down to political correctness within the mainstream feminist movement, sniffing out any "toxic masculinity" it can get its hands on, to save us all from it even if its saving us from a good laugh. But as I pointed out in that article, political correctness is no joke.

I am going to address a more recent episode when a joke found one individual arrested in his home and found guilty of being "grossly offensive". The news came out today that he was fined £800. This is actually quite good news because the judge did actually have the power to leave him with a jail sentence which many feared he would get. But when you find that we are in a position where we regard it as good news that a comedian can be arrested in his home, found guilty after a dragged out court case, and then stung £800, then you know something is going very wrong.

Mark Meechan from Scotland runs a popular youtube channel under the name "Count Dankula" which has around 185.000 subscribers. His videos are mostly satirical narrations and break downs. His sarcastic and cheeky Micky taking has made him very popular among those who enjoy poking fun at the imposing "political correct" politics around us,  that has rooted its self in pretty much every influential institution we have today. He is certainly not the only one that has gained popularity from indulging in such activities. Another name that comes to mind is "Sargon of Akkad" who has a staggering 788.000 subscribers. These people are usually branded as apart of the "alt-right", or "alt-lite", not because they preach any particular political ideology as such, but simply because they expose the "politically correct warriors" own dogmatic ideologies that they demand everyone embrace without question. The truth is, when you do question and dissect what they say and do, there is simply too much to laugh at, and the growing popularity of youtube channels like Mr Meechan's is evidence of this. If you don't want to laugh and would rather learn, then you can always listen to Professor Jordan Petersen's channel with 1,054,000 subscriptions, who will philosophize and study the state of it all with a more serious perspective. I believe ultimately its growing movements, and others alike, that are showing big awareness and rejection of this politically correct machine, it is they who are the real the cause for the recent behavior of our authorities, and of course the arrest and conviction of Mr Meechan.

Mr Meechan outside his court hearing where he was found guilty of being “Grossly Offensive”

Now, when I say "Politically Correct", while I might be guilty of sounding out a little bit of a cliché, I'm pretty confident everyone knows perfectly well what I am referring to, whatever side of the political fence you are on.

This term was mainly popularized in the early 20th century, among the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary movements in power, using the term to confirm approval when all "correct" positions on all "political" matters were provided. We could indulge deeper into this and address how since the 30s or 50s, our western culture, entertainment, and education, has been seriously indoctrinated and infiltrated by the same type of groups who created the think tanks behind the revolutionary movements in east Europe and Russia. The Frankfurt school being one of these groups, disillusioned by the results of the Bolshevik revolution that failed to inspire and convince the west, fled their persecution from the Nazi movement and moved to the US. One might have expected them to fall in love with America after having to flee Nazi Germany, but alas, their political obsession still remained, and their goal was to completely change and manufacture the wests values and direction, and to eat away at its independence from the state. If their system had not been a fit for the people, then it was time to change the people so they would then fit the system. Today we are seeing their efforts come into fruition,  with some generations so deeply indoctrinated and unable to even recognize the change. I could indulge much more deeply into this subject but will leave that for another article in the future.

Frankfurt School leaders Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, the men behind the “Critical Theory”, ie Cultural Marxism

The YouTubers I have addressed above may well be regarded today as conservatives, although this perception only exists within the last generation or two,  because of so-called "progressive" politics moving forward like a freight train.  Today, to simply want to maintain a common perspective that existed 10-20 years ago, means that you are now a conservative and on the "right", and with a stigma attached to it. But just for accuracies sake, I have heard none of the above really preach right-wing politics as such, but rather simply reject the self-proclaimed progressive ideas that are being manufactured around us. I think ultimately this is why it appears that there are so many "extreme groups" around us.  It's simply a case of various people and groups that are not moving or conforming to certain conditions. Its a case of the authorities saying, 'anyone who is not thinking as we would like' IE "Correctly", 'is either crazy, stupid, bigoted, or dangerous'. All of which, given the growing size and power of our state, is on the way to being labels that could see you losing your freedom and rights. Are you getting the picture?

So in April 2016, Meechan posted a video on his channel called "M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi" which gained around 3 million views.  At the start of the video, he states "My girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her wee dog is,  so I thought I would turn him into the least cute thing I could think of, which is a Nazi".  This is followed by footage of his girlfriend's cute pug dog watching a Hitler speech on TV,  and doing what looks like a Nazi salute. Meechen then filmed various clips of the dog looking at him,  paying attention every time he says the words "Gas The Jews".  The video is actually quite amusing, though admittedly,  I personally thought it did sound overly clumsy and callous as the video went on, but edgy comedians are known for this on occasion. Clearly the prank was a joke and with no malice intended, and probably could have just as easily offended Hitler supporters than it did any Jewish folk. It's also worth mentioning that in court it was revealed that there was not one complaint from anyone from the public. This was action taken by the authorities who were clearly monitoring him.

To make things even worse, the media was informed of the arrest before it even happened, being present at the scene of the arrest as he was handcuffed leaving his home, something its self that may be a breach of law.

Last month he had his trial and was found guilty, and today, the 23rd of April, He was fined. He received a lot of support from other comedians and the public but with only one politician offering any open support. Leader of Scottish UKIP and Member of the European Parliament David Coburn released a two-page statement condemning the ruling as "an embarrassment" and addressed the dangers of Free Speech being under attack.

Well, I'm sure there are many who will feel the guy was a naive plonker with a big mouth that just got a scare and lost £800, and life goes on. 'See?, free speech is ok! everyone back to work!'. Well, believe me, I would love to agree with such sentiments, but sadly I don't.

First of all, what worries me is the number of comments like "This was clearly just a joke", "He did not mean any malice".  Well while that is all very true, ultimately its only part of the issue. Freedom of speech has worked great in Europe throughout my life and is fundamentally about the freedom to enlighten, entertain, and spread the love, as well as the freedom to offend, shock and upset. Surely we must remember to differentiate inciting violence or harm to others while promoting criminal activity, and just being of a certain character or viewpoint in which one might be disgusted at.

You see, even if Meechan was being an arse hole and was projecting a spiteful side and being obnoxious and willing to offend, being an arse hole is not against the law and does not need to be. Arse holes who are given freedom will reap the fruits of being an arse hole. People should not need laws for this and can counter such behavior with their own free speech, and most importantly we can all be treated like adults who can think for our selves. When people go too far and start inciting violence or harm to others then we have the police force and court system to take care of business. Once you start arresting "Grossly Offensive" people then you are basing the power to arrest on an opinion. Even if such authoritarianism leads to the occasional "arse hole" being arrested, leaving many people content and happy, we will be doing so at the expense of all our rights, with the risk that one day YOU or one of yours might be seen as the "arse hole", depending on who thinks it.

Many agreed that Meechan was being unfairly judged,  but many seem to have also missed a trick here. Right under our noses, freedom that our ancestors and this country has created and defended is being taken from us like candy from a sleeping child.

The fact that Meecha was arrested in his home with the media filming, and then fined what is to most people a lot of money, is an utter disgrace.  Not just because of the treatment of the guy, but because of the utter neglect of free speech and what newfound power this judge was given. "Grossly offensive" is another way of saying, "I don't like what you did", let that sink in!  I do wonder if the judge would have tried to go further and jail Meechan had there not been so much outcry from people over the last few weeks.

All these "little" things we see slowly unfolded by these politically correct warriors can make a normal person roll their eyes, see it all as pathetic, something that won't float, won't stand up to common sense, has not got the logic and support to survive in a big society. Well, I'm sorry to say but these things are not going away. These things are being implemented in pigeon steps. They will try and try and try this again as well as all the other crazy stuff they are doing, And next time push a little harder. They are a patient bunch and have been slowly injecting their ideas since around the 30s-50s.  Now, because so many are waking up we are seeing the monsters face more clearly than ever, seeking to remove our capabilities of debating, educating, and creating a counter-movement. It will be as patient as it can, chipping away at us, making us numb to the changes and accustomed to the ridiculous and the invasive, until they get what they want, a global state with a central world government, economy, and culture.

The time has come for us to stop taking our eye off the ball and stand up to these people,  show some of the same balls our ancestors had, who took down monarchs and power structures so they could be rebuilt the way we wanted. The reality is our "rights" do not really exist, no rights do.  They were created and defended by our fantastic ancestors who handed such ideas down to us. Now we are at risk of giving something away that is not ours to give away, but what we are supposed to protect and hand down to our children, and teach them to do the same.

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