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Edition 77 – Graham Nicholls – Out Of Body Experiences

Graham has been exploring and researching the out-of-body experience since 1987. He has also taught and lectured at venues including Cambridge University, The Society for Psychical Research, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, The International Remote Viewing Association, and London’s Science Museum. His work has been featured in much of the the quality press from The Independent, The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Express to The BBC,  as well as many international and alternative media like Lilou Mace, Skeptiko, and Afterlife TV. He teaches his advanced methods for leaving the body via Skype™ based OBE Coaching, which as well as being unique, is probably the most personalised and scientifically based approach available.

He is the author of two books on the out-of-body experience and is a leading expert and practitioner in the field. He has had hundred of OBEs since his first in 1987 and has spent many years teaching and guiding people through their first experiences.

Apart from verified/witnessed out-of-body experiences, another unique aspect of his work is his use of high-end technology. Since 1998 he has developed immersive structures and virtual reality projects designed to alter our state of consciousness. Drawing from classic research into sensory deprivation and trance, he developed unique ways to reach the OBE.

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