Edition 101 – Cyrus Yavneh – The Hollywood Business

Cyrus Yavneh is one of Hollywoods most well respected producers and production managers, known mostly for Supernatural (2005), 24 (2001) and The Arrival (1996).

Early in his carer Cyrus started out in commercials, music videos, interactive games, feature films, TV and documentaries as Assistant Director, UPM, and Producer filming in most American and many major world production centres. He went on to be nominated for a Prime time Emmy Award,  “Outstanding Drama Series” for “24”. And has won a Christopher Award,  “Television & Cable” Christopher Award for “Baby”, and a PGA Award, “Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama”  for “24”.

Cyrus has worked with some of the most prestigious of talents around including Steven Spielberg, and last year he finished production for the Pilot show of the new forthcoming series “Containment”.  He will be working with none other than our very own David Parry as he seeks to produce his own theatre production.

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