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Edition 107 – Keith & Margo Leonforte – Real Organic Farming, Going Off The Grid


Antonio Keith Leonforte and wife Margo Lee Leonforte established what would be their little piece of organic farming paradise in the wilds of Ripley Maine in July, 2014. After a lot of hard work, tent living, renovation and with six acres and a plan, they were able to till, plant and harvest their first crops the following year. Having received membership in MOFGA’s [Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association] journey person program, which is quite the sought after position.

In January of 2016. The couple continues to document their transformation from Boston natives to rural cultivators, raising awareness for organic farming in their local community and through social media engagement. Be sure to check out The HearthStone Organic Farm on YouTube and Facebook to experience the adventures of the Leonforte Family through 2016!

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