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Edition 112 – Annie Conboy – Spiritualism, Beings, Ectoplasm


For the last 10 years Annie Conboy has been working publicly with her intuitive abilities. As well as serving Spiritualist Churches and Centers, Annie writes & broadcasts on spiritual matters, paints channeled artwork and also runs workshops & events. She gives Spiritual Guidance, Spirit, Aura and Past Life readings. As Annie says “I started a magical journey a long time ago. It was when I finally opened up to my reality – that there are ‘invisible beings’ ready to help us, connect with us & support us throughout our lives. Most of us miss the information they give us – we aren’t alert & listening. But once you find the connection it really is life changing.”

Annie enjoys spending time teaching – Reiki, Mediumship, Intuition, Psychic Art, Past Lives & much more. In her healing work, alongside her Reiki, Annie uses her intuitive abilities to ‘sing’ with crystals that will remove energy imbalances. She is also the channeler for Eath’s ArchAngel healing energy and works closely with ArchAngel Parashiel.

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