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Edition 114 – Sundus Saqi – The Middle East Crisis & The Turkmen Oppression


Sundus is a political advisor and activist for Turkmen in Iraq. The Iraqi Turkmen have been victims of decades of persecution and victimization as a distinct community in Iraq. Hopes that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein would improve their situation and offer redress for past injustices suffered have yet to be fulfilled as they continue to suffer from various forms of discrimination and assimilation and migration pressures. After ISIL’s attack, ISIL started to attack Turkmen town and villages driving more than 300 thousands Turkmens from their homelands, killing hundreds and kidnapping others including women and children. ISIL fighters are currently en route to Kirkuk, which is another city inhabited by Turkmens. Kirkuk has been exposed to a Kurdization process since the 2003 American invasion after the long years of Saddam’s suppressive Arabization policies.

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