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Edition 115 – Mark Citadel – Christianity & The Radical Orthodox Defense Initiative


Mark Citadel is an radical Orthodox Christian reactionary working to preserve the ark of tradition through this dark age that surrounds us, and through his writings draw together and elucidate a meta and geopolitical assault on Modernity.  once described by critics as a “pretty consistent ideologue”. A purveyor of extreme anti-Modern thought, he blogs regularly at Citadel Foundations.

Marks states his primary goals currently are to incite Christians against the contemporary Western order, and to work with international partners to realize a general parallel Christian society, and also the realization of a radical Orthodox defense initiative in the East to protect our culture, ethnic identity, and spirituality from outside siege by USG. As well as to Rhetorically weaponize and equip the online dissident right, targeting a diverse array of focuses, in order to eventually neutralize the purveyors of Modern ideology which all of us hold in collective contempt. Glory be to God, the most high.

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