Edition 116 – Adam Brown – The Libertarian Party UK

Adam Brown is the new leader of the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom. He currently lives in West Sussex UK where he has previously served as a borough councilor on Crawley Borough Council representing the ward of Broadfield North. Libertarianism is currently making big waves around the western world as more people become more disillusioned with repetitive and predictable formats within modern politics.

Adam’s goal is to bring Libertarianism into the main stream, and he passionately believes that if given support rather than “patronizing nannying”,  that everyone is capable of fulfilling their potential. Also, that in all cases,  the individual is better placed to service their needs than a faceless centralized government. For this reason as well as reducing government controls on the freedoms of the individuals he is a strong believer in localism, while believing that decisions should always be made as close to the people they affect as possible

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