Edition 119 – Vincent Ongkowidjojo – “Doors to Valhalla”, Magick, Runes &#0

Vincent Ongkowidjojo graduated as a master in Assyriology, having studied both Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, he has been a long time student of renowned Heathen Freya Aswynn (author of “Leaves of Yggdrasil”). He currently co-manages Freya’s School of Runes and Northern Mysteries. His vision is rooted in Western and Eastern esoteric philosophies and he practices and teaches Taiji and meditation.Vincent has published 3 books, “Secrets of Asgard”, “Runen in de Noordse Traditie”, and his recent release, Doors to Valhalla.

Later in the talk we also catch up with Asatru UK representative, Ioan McCarthy to hear all about their forthcoming Heathen event “The Asgardian Festival” coming up August the 5th – 7th. http://asatruuk.wix.com/asgardianfestival

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