Edition 13 – Anthony Peake – Metaphysics, The Science of Spirituality?


Anthony Peake is a researcher and writer who studies the science of human consciousness beyond the physical brain. He is the author of 7 books including the most recent titles “The Infinite Mindfield” and “The Life of Philip K Dick”.

He has just completed writing his new book “The Immortal Mind” with the highly respected philosopher of science, Professor Ervin Laszlo, which is due for release November this year through USA Publisher “Inner Traditions”.

In this Edition we indulge into the findings of Anthony’s work and the possibility of it being the science to support many of the worlds spiritual faiths.  Anthony also talks to us about the Quantum Vacuum and some recent scientific studies that back up conclusions he made in previous books. Are we living in a type of computer program?, Make your own mind up!

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