Edition 131 – Sölvi Fannar – Scandinavian Neopaganism

Sölvi Fannar joins us for a second talk on Scandinavian Neopaganism and Asatru

Often called Renaissance Man by mass media, Sölvi Fannar is an actor, musician, dancer, writer, model, health professional, multi-sport athlete, poet and performance artist. He is also an agent for actor and strongman Thor / Hafþór Júlíus Björnson (The Mountain, from Game of Thrones).

His talents can in many respects be traced to nurture and nature; his mother loves acting, his father is also a musician, and Sölvi has been fascinated by performing since he was a child. Singing in a prestigious Icelandic children’s choir at the age of 12, he got his first taste of acting, in a feature film. After that there was no turning back. Studied acting at the Icelandic Film School and attends Master classes, etc. worldwide. for specific acting techniques and furthering his skills. Currently Sölvi is actively involved in a variety of film-, TV- and media projects worldwide.

His spiritual life has lead him deeply into native ancient pagan religion of Icelandic people,  as some identify as Asatru.

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