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Edition 135 – Rob Bryanton – The 10th Dimension


Rob Bryanton is an author, with a popular science/philosophy book about the nature of reality, called “Imagining the Tenth Dimension”. Famous science fiction author Greg Bear (winner of both the prestigious Nebula and Hugo awards) had this to say about Rob’s book: “A fascinating excursion into the multiverse?clear, elegant, personal, and provocative”. Author and research scientist David Jay Brown called Rob’s book “one of the most brilliantly conceived and mind-stretching books I have ever read”. The companion video channel for the book, has attracted over 16 million views from around the world since its launch.

Since 2009, Rob has been diversifying Talking Dog into the exciting new worlds of AR, VR, and now Mixed Reality. With past projects for Legendary Pictures, the Mayo Clinic, and the RCMP, and the opening of one of Canada’s very first Virtual Reality Arcades (, Rob is excited to be living in a science fiction future he never thought would happen within his lifetime.

He has also made his first record at twelve, and was host/music director of a 1974 CBC-TV music series at the age of twenty. Nominated ten times for Canada’s Gemini Awards, five times in the category “Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series”, and five times for “Best Sound for a Dramatic Program”, Rob supervised the sound and co-composed the music for all six seasons of the hugely successful Canadian television series “Corner Gas”. He lives in Regina with his wife Gail, and they have two grown sons, Todd and Mark.

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