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Edition 139 – Sophiale Amanda Mariamne – Orthodox Gnosticism , HELIOS


Sophiale Amanda Mariamne is an Esoteric Christian Mystic and is the Arch-Bishop of the Tres Secret Eglise de Le Precieux Sang de la Rose Croix (TSEPS) Church, which is part of the French Gnostic Orthodox Church, HELIOS (Haute Eglise Liberale Independent Orthodox Syriac) launched as an Association Culturelle in the Medieval Cathar city of Cordes-Sur-Ciel, Languedoc in 2016.

The Patriarch of HELIOS, Monseigneur Tau Sendivogius received his Ordinations from the French esotericist Remi Boyer, who received his from Armand Toussaint. Some other notable French esotercists in the HELIOS currently are Robert Ambelain, Abbe Julio, and Jean Bricaud, who founded of the Universal Gnostic Church in 1913.

Each of the Priests, Deacons, Bishops, and Arch Bishops of the 12 Churches within HELIOS, has received transmission of the Syro Jacobite Antioch Succession. Each Arch Bishop has also received a particular Rite under their protection; there are 12 Rites within HELIOS.

The Rite of TSEPS comes directly from the lineage of the French Visionar, Eugene Vintras, and has a particular emphasis on Mariology, The Divine Feminine, Angelogy, and the Ordination of female priests.

Sophia Mariamne is also a Hereditary Psychic, Spiritual Counsellor and Sacred Sexuality Educator. She makes regular pilgrimages to the Romanesque Churches of France and is a devotee of the Hieratic Virgin. She is a member of several Esoteric Orders and CoMasonry.

Raised in Cheshire, England, she has been a mystic since childhood. She moved to France in 2014

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