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Edition 144 – Pamela Leigh Richards – Enlightenment, David Icke & Moving on


Pamela is the author and creator of “Fly With Me Productions” and is also the ex wife of author and speaker David Icke. In Pamela’s own words.. “I left my home and husband in England, February 2008 for Sedona, Arizona to begin a new life. One year later, January of 2009, David surprised me by driving 16 hours straight from N. California knocking on my sliding glass door at 4:00 in the morning.

He called asking if he could see me as he was going to be in America. I said ‘not with the baggage’, meaning not with his anger, or inability to reason.

He showed up anyway. It was an attempt at another reconciliation. Very surreal really, after not seeing him for one year?

Unfortunately, nothing had changed. Forty five days later I put his bags at the door saying goodbye for I was not going to take the abuse anymore, however, this was not to be the last of our relationship, YET.

I once walked into the office of our home looking up into his eyes saying; “You have me in a box in your mind and I will not stay there.”

We could have grown together, but that did not happen. I learned a lot about myself too, and sadly we grew apart for something had to give in the final hours of this 15 year relationship.

You see, I married not just David, I married the family too. The extended family and I got along great and worked together. Then something changed beginning 2005 with a plan by the family and a psychic to get me out. It wasn’t until I left for Egypt for rest and recovery that I realized what was happening. I called it “The Pamela Conspiracy” (hey, that could be a book title! LOL) It was all about fear and money, of which, time has proven them all wrong for I was never about that, and walked with nothing by choice, even though I was awarded in the divorce.  Keep smiling, and remember laughter is good medicine. 🙂

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