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Edition 155 – Russ James – Socialist Workers’ Party England


Russ James is an organiser and activist for the “Socialist Workers Party England” (SWPE), A Socialist Party which strongly distances its self from the “Capitalist-Trotskyites of the SWP”.  The SWPE pride them selves as genuine Socialists who believe in the Unity of Land and People.

In there own words, “We are not Globalisers; we are not students who proclaim to fight for the Workers but then go on to get jobs in Banks from which they help the global enemy to crush us all!. The fake Socialists of the SWP have been exposed as Traitors, Globalisers and as Rapist-Collaborators.  Now is the time to break free from the liars and join the only Socialist Party in England – the SWPE, Free Your Mind, Free Your People, Free Your Nation”

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