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Edition 157 – Carl Lehrburger – The Magic Of Hemp


Carl Lehrburger returns to talk with us about the qualities and medical suppression of Hemp. Also known as Carell, He is the Chief Operations Officer at “PureHemp Technology” and Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer at Pure Kind Botanicals.

Carl graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974. Since 1974, he has been a leader in the field of environmental technologies. His was a founder and principal of Solar Technology Corporation, a Denver-based firm specializing in developing and marketing passive-solar products. Prior to co-founding PureVision in 1992 with brother Ed, he was employed as manager of recycling programs by Energy Answers Corporation of Albany, NY, a resource recovery company.

During the past 25 years he has also studied archaeological and sacred sites, with a focus on Old World peoples in America before Columbus. His investigations of the ancients in the New World include the Celts, Phoenicians, Romans, Hebrews, Indus Valley and Asian peoples, and applies archaeoastronomy and epigraphy as the tools to document evidence of ancient societies in the Americas.

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