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Edition 164 – THA➣HIJAC – A Steampunk Dream with Gary Nicholls


Gary Nicholls studied Design Technology and Technical drawing to A Level, taking Art night classes at Southend technical college, at 16 years old “boy”. He learned that he had a natural eye, and could “see” something finished.

His love of design and problem solving meant that he was “destined” to teach, and after leaving sixth form, headed off to study Design Technology and Technical drawing at Shoreditch Teacher Training College. He started his working life teaching both subjects at Spencer Park School in Wandsworth, a short-lived experience.

The biggest influence on his early life was his father. “His big passion is hobbies, and at every opportunity he had my brother, Patrick, and I trying everything! So it is no surprise that he got me interested in photography at an early age, (in the darkroom at the age of 3!)” Gary’s father is a part time artist, very creative and talented and had always pushed his to continue having “hobbies”.

“This project is for my father, Bob, to know that his son has carried on that artistic and creative side, which is his legacy.

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