Edition 177 – Sonia Poulton – Gender Identity Politics & The Mainstream Media


Sonia Poulton is a Writer, Broadcaster and Social Commentator. She began broadcasting for TV and Radio in 1991 and from 1987 – 1997 She was a music journalist contributing to titles including Q Magazine, Muzik, The Guardian Guide and The London Evening Standard. Her assignments included a tour of the War Child Exhibition with David Bowie and touring America and Europe with multi-million selling bands. She was one of the last journalists to tour with rap artist, The Notorious B.I.G. before his murder in 1997.

From 1997 onwards, Sonia’s creative horizons expanded and she now comments on a variety of human interest issues for national and international press.

She has investigated youth culture and knife crime (The Independent); Pushy Parents (Daily Mirror) Bad Manners (Daily Express); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Daily Mail); The Sexualisation of Young Girls (The Sun); Home Education (The Times) and A Multi-cultural Society (Daily Telegraph) among many others.

Sonia is infamous for her outspoken views on State and parental neglect, global inequalities and a culture where people are famous for being famous. She has lamented the sexualisation of young girls, the feminisation of young boys and the dangers of raising children in a ‘fatherless society’.

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