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Edition 178 – Rob Waterlander – “Children On Tour”, Child Trafficking On Air


Rob Waterlander is the founder of “Children on Tour”, a campaign which opposes the swift and easy trafficking of children through airlines. The group are are dedicated to exposing and stopping these child trafficking rings who transport their victims globally.  “Anyone can drop a child off at an airport, and hire an unaccompanied minor service to get the child through security and onto an airline. At the destination the child is escorted by another UM service through customs and handed off to whatever name is supplied to them in the UM paperwork. The trafficker doesn’t even have to enter the departure airport. On the other end, it can also be a representative of the pedophile, brothel or trafficker – even a car service. Just so long as the ID matches the name supplied on the UM paperwork. We believe this is not enough.”

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