Edition 189 – Watsun Atkinsun (aka Shams) – Victim Of A “#MeToo” Witch Hunt

Shams (otherwise known as Watsun Atkinsun) is a well known tattoo artist,  Internet personality and film maker.

On April 20th after being invited to a guest slot at the “Black Viris Tattoo” parlor in Brooklyn New York, he was accused of sexual assault while tattooing one of the parlors female tattoo artists Anka Lavriv, on her lower chest.  This led to a huge “#MeToo” Internet campaign that Lavriv and work colleague and John O’Hara started on Instagram, going viral across the net within 6 to 12 hours.

The extent of this frantic on line witch hunt was so intense that even footage showing his innocence was used by campaigners as “proof” of his alleged guilt.

We speak with Shams about his on going issues and how this on line attack drove him and his family to the brink.

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