Edition 194 – Daniele Irandoost – Espionage

Daniele Irandoost is a published writer, editor, private tutor and literary panellist, who recently completed his PGCE in History, while preparing to undertake a second postgraduate degree at University College London. As a specialist in intelligence studies, military history and international security, Daniele’s academic skills have earned him various gongs – such as the prestigious Ken Robertson Prize in Intelligence Studies (awarded to a finalist with the highest academic mark). Certainly, Daniele has attracted the public eye for his interest in matters of regional security inside Central Asia. Indeed, as he himself has hinted in other radio interviews, being half-Iranian and half-Romanian has gifted him with a unique insight into espionage, so-called fake news, and conspiracy theories, generally. Stated so, Daniele is the author of three academic journal articles for the highly respected E-International Relations, as well as being the writer of a literary essay, along with a feature article: the latter being for the new online magazine EurasianPerspective. Each, in their own way, paving the way for him to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; not to mention a panellist on one of Rev. David Parry’s acclaimed Meet the Author talks at the Yunus Emre Institute, London, wherein Daniele appeared on Turkish TV (ATV) in June 2018.

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