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Edition 196 – Russ James -The Socialist Motherland Party


In this edition we welcome back Russ James from the renamed Socialist party “The Socialist Motherland Party”. And discus the differences between various socialist ideas and perceptions.

They describe socialism as..

“the natural desire to protect one’s own. It is identical with Working Class Nationalism. Those who call themselves Socialists, but argue against sovereignty and borders, are not Socialists, but Globalists.  Likewise those who profess to fight for the people, yet endorse Free Market Capitalism, are but another variety of Globalist.  Free Market Capitalism and Open Borders Socialism belong in one camp; they both embrace the central pillars of the cosmopolitan materialistic ideology, and whether they call themselves left or right is really of no consequence.

The Socialist Motherland Party of the British Isles is building links across the left-right spectrum. All people who love our country, must join the SMPBI and fight for a Socialist Future. For Class and Nation – Revolutionary Patriotic Socialism is the only solution to Globalism and the death grip of Capitalism.

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