Edition 198 – Yanny Bruere – Mainstream media venom & bias of populist movements

Yanny Bruere is a patriotic Brit who found him self in the middle of a media frenzy after he managed to raise £59,452 within just a month, to fly a 29ft balloon of Sadiq Khan in a bikini over London. This was a response to Khans critique of Donald Trump as well as a Balloon of Trump in a nappy flown in London during his visit to the UK. Like many in the UK, Yanny felt with the huge rate in crime and terrorism that has built up in London, Khan should have been focusing on his own issues and not speaking on behalf of the whole country. The ever transparent and obsessive bias that the media seems to have against nationalistic populist groups, led to Yanny taking action. The balloon was aired on most major news networks around the world, though of course with the usual character assassinations he had to deal with.  We catch up with Yanny to ask how he is, any plans for the future, and the state of the modern day mainstream media.

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