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Edition 215 – Rev David Parry – “Mount Athos Inside Me”


Author, Poet and Dramaturge Rev David Parry discusses his new book on the deep and mystical Christian traditions and arts, “Mount Athos Inside Me: Essays on Religion, Swedenborg & Arts” released on the 15th of September by Manticore Press. The book is described as follows.

“Athos as a fortress against the trivial and a portal to the transcendent is a theme that has found its way into British arts and letters. Enter our guide to these worlds, our author, David Parry. David is a man of extraordinary erudition and artistic sensitivity. In this book, he offers to serve not so much as a guide but as a companion through the deep, dizzying, mystifying, heavenly-earthly reality that is Mount Athos, as it is found on a Greek Island and as it is found in the British artistic tradition.” – Fr. Robert McTeigue

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