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Edition 24 – Thad McKraken – Chaos Magick Calling

A writer for, a Musician, Film maker, Author, But most of all a Chaos Magican who followed his calling into what he describes as “Psychedelic Occultism, Chaos Sorcery, Transdimensional Psychology, Enthneogenic Esotericism”.  His forthcoming book is titled “The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations” and is due for release next month (July 2o14).

We talk with Thad about Chaos Magick and psychedelic drugs and how the two can work together. We address the concept of receiving contact from other beings from the Astral to the Unexplained. Thad has his own very thought provoking story on what lead him down his path, and if you like Robert Anton Wilson it might just tickle your fancy!

(*Correction* The sample of  Thad’s music on this show was taken from his track ” July 23rd, 1973″ from the ALBUM “The Day I Achieved Contact”!)

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