Edition 29 – Anthony J Hilder – The “Illuminazi”, Uni-Sexual UK & The New World Order

For over 30 years Anthony has been a very well known activist and investigator of the “New World Order”. He is founder of the “Free World Alliance” As well as a film maker, talk show host, broadcaster, former Actor & Music Producer, and an Author.

Leading the line on the internet with his famous Documentaries, he was the first to release material that claimed the official story of the 9/11 attacks were lies, in his movie  “9-11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold”, just one of his many many documentaries on the NWO agenda.  Known as one of the God Fathers of the anti NWO movement today he remains in pursuit of exposure.

Joining us while still recovering from his stroke last year (though still very much speaking his mind) We talk about Anthony’s concerns with the “New Word Order” and the “Illuminazi”. Are they forcing a Uni-sexual agenda onto our society? one of which he feels is rampant in Hollywood.

We thank Anthony for making extra effort to come and speak with us and we all wish him the very best in his recovery.

*Please also note that Hilders first facebook page has been blocked and he has asked us if we would mind providing a link to his 3rd Facebook page. Seeing as we feel that regardless of what you agree or disagree with, one should always be free to speak their views! The link is bellow!*

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