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Edition 30 – Matthew Hall – Paracon UK, Paranormal weekend!


Matthew Hall is a US Staff Sergeant serviceman serving in the UK. As a child growing up in Kentucky he experienced many supernatural things which provoked his interest in the Paranormal.  Today he often arranges and takes part in paranormal studies working with well equipped investigation teams with the intent of learning more about the phenomena and experiences they encounter.

Having attended several Paranormal conferences in the USA Matthew decided to create one here in the UK coming up on November the 22nd & 23rd (2014), which includes an expanding list of some of the most famous paranormal investigators and speakers in the world.

We talk with Matthew about his own views on the subject and also about the event its self, which is being Hosted at the The Derby Conference Centre in Derby. It is a non profit event passing on all the money to the Troop Aid charity.  So, while our very own David is going to be speaking there and the ticket prices are so cheap, we recommend you go get your self a ticket!

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