Edition 33 – BJ Futter – The True Benefits Of HEMP

BJ Futter is a senate candidate for The HEMP Party of Australia, he has a distinct and passionate drive to help raise awareness and educate people on the true benefits of Hemp.

By trade BJ is an electrical contractor and audio / visual engineer, but he now applies his passion for nature by assisting in operating two herb retail shops in the Central Coast and Newcastle. He deeply understands the truly amazing potential of the plant world as our nutrition, our medicine, our life force energy, our connection back to self and therefore community. As a child growing up in a farming country community in South Africa, ( Xhosa being his ‘first’ language as his friends and nanny were Xhosa), BJ developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the connection between humanity and the earth and continues to live this philosophy.

He believes HEMPS potential for medicine, food, industry and community is beyond compare and that we “MUST” embrace HEMP for the future of our planet and ourselves.

We talk to BJ Futter about his progress and learn more about HEMP and what it can do.

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