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Edition 34 – Vincent Bridges – Occult Shakespeare, Occult Alchemy & …


It is with great honor but also regret we are able to present Vincent’s last interview before he passed away the weekend after this recording...

Vincent  (OM, FWMS, OE) was an Author, esoteric historian and researcher. He co-wrote six books, and has been featured in, or consulted on, 13 television documentaries on subjects ranging from Atlantis to the Holy Grail but primarily focused on Nostradamus. A self-proclaimed “anthropologist of the strange,”Rev. Bridges was an initiate of five major traditions: Buddhism, Islam, Gnostic Christianity, Wicca and Western Ceremonial Magick. He was also a pioneer in the field of psycho-acoustic therapy for early childhood trauma.

Vincent also organized and lead tours to sacred sites in Southern France and the Czech Republic, and had led tours in India, Tibet and Egypt.  He was also the consultant to an alchemical museum in Prague where he lived.

Highly recommended to the show we comb through Vincent’s vast knowledge on the occult world and looked forward to getting him back on the show for more.  RIP Vincent.

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