Edition 35 – James Tripp – Hypnotism, “Hypnosis Without Trance”

James Tripp is a Hypnotist, Transformative Coach, NLPer and a Mentalist. He is also the creator of the website called “Hypnosis with out trance” which promotes what he believes is a fresh take on Hypnosis and educating people on what it is and how it works.

Over the last few years he has experimented with hypnosis and hypnotizing across a range of different contexts – in formal hypnotherapy, mentalism performance settings, impromptu demonstration and educational contexts.

Known for what is archaically known as ‘waking hypnosis’ He elicits strong hypnotic phenomena without ‘hypnotic induction’ or the use of ‘trance’. asserting that hypnosis has nothing to do with trance.

We talk with James about the techniques he works with and also how hypnotism or ideas alike could be used to manipulate others. We also talks about what inspires him and his work, and again we have found another man we must get back on the show to cover more of this interesting topic!

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