Edition 36 – Simon Parkes – ET encounters with an elected labor Councillor

Simon Parkes is an elected local Councillor for the Town he lives in and he claims to have had alien contact / experiences for all of his life, and that these experiences are still on going.

While still very much active as a Councillor for the labor party Simon openly speaks of his experiences in the media and at various conferences around the country.

As well as his personal alien experiences Simon also reveals how he grew up in a “somewhat un-usual family”, his mother working for Mi5 typing out documents that related to crashed ufo craft, which she did from around 1966 – to 1979, and his Grandfather working for Mi6 spending much of his time with operatives of the CIA.

Since going public Simon also states that he has had many interesting “interactions” with the arms of state. He asserts he does not regret going public, and feels it was something that had to be done.

We talk with Simon about his experiences his family and what we can expect for the future.

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