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Edition 41 – Marcus Allen – Faked Moon Landings?, Battle Of The Radiation Belt


We continue our Moon Landing discussion with Marcus Allen who is the UK publisher of Nexus, the world’s leading alternative news magazine which is sold in over 100 countries.

Marcus is now able to persue his life long interest in The Unexplained, on a full time basis.  The Moon Landings are just one of the many ‘taboo’ subjects he has investigated, around which new questions arise that he feels are yet to be adequately answered.

He has appeared on several TV programs to discuss the Apollo Moon Landing controversy:  BBC – The One Show and The Clarkson Show; Channel 4 – The Big Breakfast; Channel 5;  Sky News;  Sci Fi and Discovery Channels;  Edge Media, as well as numerous national and local radio shows in Britain, and in the USA, on Coast to Coast AM.  He has also given many public presentations throughout Britain and Europe, and one in Kathmandu, Nepal…

In this edition we address and the challenge of going through the Van Allen radiation belts, the technology used for the missions, as well as the authenticity of the photography and filming.

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