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Edition 47 – Achharya Jaydev – Ancient Indian Astrology.


“Achharya” is an experience Astrologist Specializing in chart reading and Mantra. With over 27 years experience he is becoming increasingly popular on the internet making predictions using his knowledge on ancient Indian astrology. Some of his popular predictions include the re election of Barak Obama and a prediction on 1st march 2014 stating that “Retrograde Mars will make Air-crash/Highjack, Blooded events, mass attack, before July 2014 “, 7 days prior to the disappearance of the 307 Malaysian airline plane.

Another is after he had tweeted a prediction on the 5th of April 2014 that “On 6th April 20/20 cricket final, Indian Team will poor performances, and will Not Win..” which also came to pass. He also tweeted and predicted on 17th April 2014, that, ” Before 15th May 2014, Heavy wind, Heavy Rain, Train Accident may happen” Sadly this also came true.

Achharya offers readings on many popular online websites and while English is not his first language we were eager to get Prekash on the show to talk to us about his talent and where it all comes from.

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