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Edition 57 – Zaur Hasanov – Islamic Radicalization


Zaur Hasanov is an author and has been serving as a Director for “Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway” (TASIM) Project Secretariat of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2013.  He is passionate about the religion and politics within his home lands and decided to bring his views to the western world releasing the book “Man of the Mountains” based on the process of Islamic radicalization.

Zaur tells a story of a young Muslim Chechen boy, who becomes a central figure representing the fight of local indigenous people against both the Russians invading the country and Islamic radicals trying to take a leverage of the situation, using it to push their political agenda on the eve of collapse of the USSR. The book addresses the unnecessary process and conditioning of the radicalization we see in the middle east today.

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