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Edition 67 – Brenton Sawin – Encounters With Beings From Hollow Earth?


The conspiracies, fantasies & ancient beliefs of a hollow earth is something that has circulated for quite a while. Is the earth’s core hollow and can you get there via entrances at the North and south poles as well as other entrances around the planet? Does the earth’s gravity pull from the centre of the earth’s crust rather than the centre core?

If the claims are true about American naval officer and explorer Richard E. Byrd flying to the north pole in 1947 to see if he could get there, then he certainly did believe in the hollow earth. Much has been said, debunked & researched but the mystery goes on.

Brenton Sawin is from Lexington Kentucky and describes him self as a Conservative Evangelical Christian. He claims to have encountered beings that he belives come from inside the hollow earth and he calles them the “Dero”!. He has become well known through internet media and has a compelling story.

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