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Edition 71 – Andrew Gough – Rennes Le Chateau


Andrew has been a researcher of historical conundrums for several years and has studied with the Spanish cabalist who mentored Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dali. He is Editor of “The Heretic”, a digital magazine that features leading voices in the genres of alternative history, religion and science.

He is the former Editor of “Mindscape”, an ancient and alternative history magazine, a former Director of the “Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences” (ISIS) as well as the former Chairman of the long-running esoteric and Rennes-le-Château research society, The Rennes Group.

Andrew is also an experienced presenter of historical documentaries and has most recently featured in multitude of new programs, including:  What on Earth, a 6 part series for the Science Channel.  Inquisition, a four-part series for the Discovery Channel. Forbidden History II, a 6-part series on UK’s Yesterday channel. Myth Hunters, 2 episodes of Series 5 of the popular US television series. & Ancient Black Ops, an episode on the Viking Varangian Guards.

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