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Edition 73 – Lawrence Brightman – Remote Viewing & Non-local Consciousness


Lawrence has worked with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Nicholls researching Non-local consciousness, Out of the Body Experiences, Remote Viewing and Near Death Experiences. An American but now based in London, He is an inventor, film maker,  and actor. He first became interested in esoteric and paranormal subjects in his early teens, always pursuing practical application in himself, and then sharing it as he could.

In 2009 he participated in a controlled telepathic experiment with out-of-body experience (OBE) specialist Graham Nicholls, under the supervision of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. For several years, Graham and Lawrence have pursued on concentrated exploration and development and since 2013, Lawrence has conducted regular, documented experimentation of RV sessions, using CRV protocol and keeping a results archive.

In addition, considerable experimentation and active trading using ARV, and CRV  protocols on financial trading targets has been conducted in ongoing development by Graham and Lawrence in a mutual focus.

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