Edition 83 – Merlyn – Children Of Artemis

Merlyn is the last standing of the original founding members of the COA (Children Of Artemis) Wicca/Pagan group who are behind the biggest and well known Pagan festivals in Europe. He has also been a regular spokes person for the Pagan Community on LBC Radio UK.

COA events have appeared in several mainstream documentary’s where Wiccan and Pagan growth in the UK is being recognized and researched.  Supporters of COA and speakers have included well know Pagans such as Doreen Valiente, Reymond Buckland, Vivianne & Chris Crowley, Tam Campbell, Ronald Hutton, Philip Heselton, Fiona Horne, Teresa Moorey, Kate West and many many more..

COA’s next event is a weekend camping festival called The COA Gathering, in the Oxfordshire countryside, visit their website for more details!

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