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Edition 85 – David William Parry – Celtic & Norse Roots To Christianity & Gnosticism


David graduated in religious studies in 1990 and obtained a Master’s degree in Pastoral Theology in 1996, he is the founder of “Theo-Humanist Arts” a creative group that centres on new thought, art, music, invited speakers and eco spirituality, the group was formerly known as “Gruntlers” which was created in 2008.

He is an author, poet, dramaturge, A Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, and an active Libertarian.

David was a universal lay minister and while spending over 30 years in Pagan practice and studies he became one of the few Heathen Godies in the UK and is also a Gardinerian Wicca initiate and recently a Valentinian (Gnostic) Bishop. And as our THA Talks listeners will only be too aware of David has co hosted on THA Talks for over a year, This time he will be on the other side of the fence and will speak to us about his experiences and knowledge from Ancient Paganism, Christianity and gnosticism.

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