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Edition 88 – Alan Cox – Paramania Radio, Reptiles & Possession


Alan is a radio host on Paramania radio and is a renowned clairvoyantat, Healer & psychic investigator, along with his partner Anne. They have helped hundreds of people by clearing unwanted and evil presences from their homes and businesses.

Alan’s gifts have been developed by himself and claims its guidence comes from God and the Guides. He has in spirit Dr David Ingles, who works psychically through Alan to perform surgery when necessary.

In 1996 Alan and Anne went through a very traumatic time in their life together. At this time they had not been awakened to their spiritual path. However, they were aware of a presence in their home. One day when Anne was at home alone, she felt herself being pushed downstairs, which resulted in Anne breaking her wrist. Obviously something had to be done about the situation. After watching “housebusters” on Channel 5 TV, they called in David Ashworth who appeared on the progamme. David cleared their house of ghosts. They formed a good friendship with David. This enabled the Guides to open the channels so Alan could begin the important work that was and still is awaiting him and Anne, who shares his journey.

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