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Edition 92 – Carl Lehrburger – Pre Columbus, Secrets of Ancient America


Carl Lehrburger, also known as Carell, is an environmental activist, renewable energy entrepreneur, researcher and author. During the past 25 years he has studied archaeological and sacred sites, with a focus on Old World peoples in America before Columbus. His investigations of the ancients in the New World include the Celts, Phoenicians, Romans, Hebrews, Indus Valley and Asian peoples, and applies archaeoastronomy and epigraphy as the tools to document evidence of ancient societies in the Americas.

His first book published by Bear & Co in 2014 called “Secrets of Ancient America” also addresses the fundamental question – why has the evidence been ignored and Americans remain ignorant of their history?

Is traditional archeology is in free-fall as the old archeology paradigm is crumbling? with recent discoveries shattering long-held academic beliefs. The New History presented in Secrets of Ancient America challenges the Old History, addressing the concocted story of what transpired and why it has been hidden. Ancients In America brings to light new evidence revealing Old World contact throughout the Americas thousands of years before Columbus, documenting ancient journeys that both confirm and advance our understanding of the Old World peoples.

His book includes descriptions of the works of many historians, cosmologists, researchers and peer collaborators to reveal a New History of America. “Secrets of Ancients America” proposes a new historical narrative with an emphasis on challenging the way we think.

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