Edition 94 – Ramzi Amine – Deep Breathing, Breath Of All Breaths


Ramzi Amine, from Egypt, is an expert in mindful breathing with 21 years experience. He claims that recently he discovered a powerful experience while slipping deeper and deeper into his breathing, resulting in “great joy and enlightenment”.  This simple but effective new approach lead him to the conclusion that deep breathing is simply deep aliveness, finding no better answer for his joyful results.

This new outlook has urged him to begin looking into the science behind what he is experiencing. He believes that Cellular digestion is enhanced by deep breathing and with enhanced cellular digestion we have the enlivenment of all the senses with greater and deeper aliveness. Ramzi is currently looking for scientific medical corroboration of this, and believes that establishing this as a fact will have a trans-formative effect on the whole of humanity. He believes it will permeate all areas of life including the religious dimension, dissolving the silent conspiracy which is suppressing what could tomorrow become as obvious as the fact that the earth is round is today… Why not give it a try!?

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