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Edition 96 – Jillian Haslam – “Indian.English.”, From Post-Colonial India To Riches


Jillian Haslam is the author of “Indian.English.” , A memoir about an early life spent as part of a forgotten minority of British people who were left on the streets of Calcutta after Indian independence, and her perseverance and triumph of spirit and will, that led her to success. After spending close to twenty years forging a successful career in the banking industry Jillian decided to devote her energies to helping other people improve their lives. She is the founding Director of Help Yourself Associates, a life improvement and training company. Jillian is also a published author and popular motivational speaker who uses her own life experience to inspire others to never give up on their life goals and shows them the way to achieve them.

Besides being a motivational speaker, Jillian is also known as an inspirational author who has the power to trigger off one’s willpower very easily.

Born in India to English parents in post-colonial India, Jillian overcame a childhood of abject poverty, racial abuse, hardship, taking on adult responsibilities while still a child, and dealing with sickness and death throughout her life – including the loss of four infant siblings and her mother when she was very young. In spite of these hurdles, she carved out a successful career for herself, raised her younger siblings and never lost sight of her purpose in life. If anyone knows what it takes to rise above circumstances and seize control of one’s life, Ms. Haslam does. The essence of that indomitable spirit can be found throughout the pages of Indian.English.

Since moving from India to the U.K. in 2000, Jillian has turned her attention to learning how she can help others overcome challenges in life the way she has. This is reflected in the tag line of her company that says, “You can change your life …just like Jillian Haslam!” With the publication of her book, Indian.English, she has become one of the best selling authors in India and in the UK. The book reveals the real essence of her life.

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