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Edition 99 – Thomas Joseph Brown – Gnosticism, Cosmological Botany, Group Soul Types


Thomas is back on the show for a talk on Gnosticism and his recent mind expanding research.

He is an independent researcher into Spiritual Science and Metaphysics as well as Light & Colour, Free Energy, Lost Sciences, Electro-Therapeutics and more.

His recent work has entwined Cosmological Botany, the relationship between the plant world and the cosmos. Believing Humans have individuated souls and animals have a gradation of group soul types, from the higher mammals on to the lower, with plants having their souls in the cosmos with their forms being representative of the apparent planetary motions from Earth. Inspired by Anthroposophy, Thomas wonders if plants can be taken from Earth to another planet and still survive for long.

Thomas has a firm philosophical view on true metaphysical concepts having a sound basis in reality and of which can be correlated into a fundamental archetypal structure which interpenetrates diverse belief systems both scientific & spiritual allowing anyone to overcome ingrained limitations of thought.

For more from Thomas check out our last chat with him in edition 56

Gnostic Christian Pentagram Painting

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