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Requiem for You-Tube shooter Nasim Aghdam: A study in Tragedy


It’s a terrible thing that Nasim Aghdam started firing a gun on the You-tube Campus. But we need to understand this woman to understand why she did this and took her own life this way.

I am John White, and I am a man of Peace.My only weapon in life is my thought and its articulation, by voice, by pen, by keyboard.I strive for reasoned discussion to lead to solutions for all Human Problems. So let us start, with making it clear, in no way can Nasim Aghdam’s actions be excused or condoned. Violence is never my answer and I never call for or support it. However, I act as spirit moves me: and when I look at the expression left behind on the internet by Nasim Aghdam: I recognise that in that, we were the same. She was creative, artistic, passionate, and in what she actually advocated on her You-Tube channels, based on what I have been able to see, never advocated unlawful action. And that does create some empathy, some connection. I write to share what I perceive and invite you to entertain the same perception.

At 12:48 on Tuesday 3rd April 2018, San Bruno police received emergency calls that a shooter was on the You-Tube Campus and that many shots had been fired.

They arrived to find 2 men and 1 woman had been shot, all are currently in hospital, their lives not confirmed out of danger yet: and the body of the woman who fired the shots: 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam: shot dead by her own hand. Another woman sustained a serious ankle injury, presumably in the rush to get away from the sound of gunfire.

The You-Tube campus is a gun-free zone. I have no comment on that, other than the obvious: people can bring guns into a gun-free zone. If they are willing to shoot, then they are hardly concerned with fines for having the weapon…

Nasim was certainly prolific on You-Tube. She had expended great time and effort in creating a range of content across at least four channels. She had an Animal Rights Channel, a Vegan lifestyle channel, and exercise channel, and a Farsi speaking channel.

She self-defined in a multitude of ways, including Vegan, Body-Builder, Singer, Athlete, Artist and Director.

Certainly, people could see her as eccentric:

Yet her videos were liked and shared in the 100’000’s range. Many people wanted to listen to and watch her, many people valued what she was doing.

But there is also a clear inciting incident that seemed to destroy the life she had worked to build for herself as a content creator, to which she was clearly totally dedicated and had no interest in mundane life.

That was when You-Tube blatantly started to throttle her viewers and demonetize ALL her videos. They seemed to object to her strong, but lawful, stance on Animal Rights and that she spoke against Globalist Big Agriculture and its practises. So they splatted her for that, and also splatted all her other channels.

One can only assume that having her income destroyed by a blatant violation of her Article 19 Un Declaration Human Rights was something that she took very very hard indeed, and what responded within her was the Spiritual Fury of the Lion

An image made by Nasim Aghdam

I am also of the Lion, and I know the energies nature very well. I know that combination of bad circumstance can turn righteousness into monstrosity.

The Spiritual energies test all those who hold them. For Nasim Aghdam, the test was a disaster, as she consumed herself in the fire of her Rage.

I cannot lie to you, I do understand that fire, as much as I am a tempered older Lion, whose chose rather to work with Air and Water…

My reading of Nasim’s anguish in her protests against the censorship and destruction of income was that she felt targeted by a malicious prejudice, a veritable evil, that she was being repressed, and it was agony for her.

There is a sense that she was feeling strangled to be denied the right to a fair platform, denied Voice, denied Income, not because her views were illegitimate: but because You-Tube hated her views, and by extension, hated her.

Posts by Nasim Aghdam protesting You-Tube Rights abuses.

We must be clear: You-tube has provably and factually been abusing the human rights of at least 100,000 users worldwide. There are so many who have suffered this repression, yes, on the conservative/religious/truthseeker side, yes on the Alt-Right, but also, on the Alt-Left, against all progressives who stand up to corporate abusers: not cosy up to them!

Among all of those people, and all their grievance and suffering and sense of injustice, it does not seem a surprise that one person has been driven over the edge: regrettably, it’s rather a surprise that it took so long, and that it was THIS person, who no-one would have thought could do this beforehand…

Except that’s not true. Nasim’s father, Ismail Aghdam, called Police on Monday 2nd evening. He was very worried about his daughter. He told Police she was very wound up and angry with You-tube and he afraid of what she intended to do. At 2 am on the morning on Tuesday 3rd Police called Ismail Aghdam to tell him they had found Nasim sleeping in her car, spoken to her, and she was ok. 11 hours later, four people were on their way to Hospital and Nasim was dead.

It is also vital to recognise, despite Nasim’s connection to Iran, Farsi speaking, and her family origin, she was NOT a Muslim. Her family are of the Baha’i Faith. She is NOT a Jihadi! She did not wage “Holy War”

I do not know how strongly she was Baha’i, but I do know of the Faith.

It was founded in the mid 19th century Persia by the prophet Bahu’allah, who was born a Prince but abandoned wealth to preach the word of God and share poetic revelation. Bahai’s are close to Sufism and mystic gnosis, as well as seeing their Prophet as the next son of God in the tradition of Christ.

The sect is brutally repressed inside Iran, has a temple in Jerusalem, and is very closely connected to the top of the United Nations.

Bahu’allah prophesied there would be a new world order: an evil, satanic, new world order, that would manifest and then collapse, allowing a true God centred World Order to emerge and the unification of human spirituality.

Personally, I have always found it a questionable vision, but I do accept how strongly Bahai’s hold it. The Bahai’s I have personally met in life have all been fine human beings.

So to me, given my knowledge of that Faith, seeing its clear spiritual principles expressed in Nasim’s work, her devotion to life, to veganism:

Makes whatever hell she went through to cause her fall even more awful to contemplate…

To re-iterate.

What Nasim Aghdam has done cannot be excused, it was wrong, it was unlawful, it was a crime.

But perhaps killing others was never what this was really about: rather, the Roar of a lion spirt that just couldn’t take this planet anymore.

Although she has hurt others, the hurt she suffered must be placed fairly on the scales, and I find on the balance of it all, I can only regret Nasim’s life ended in this tragic blaze of Rage and Pain, give blessings that, hopefully, those injured will recover and life can go on, and trust that we can find the space between the accusations to see the human waste and tragedy here.

Most importantly:

That we recognise:

You-Tube CANNOT be held entirely blameless!

And that in the memory of the tragedy of the end of Nasim Aghdam’s life:

You-Tube MUST account for its own actions in what created this terrible situation:

Youtube's platform, or any other site, NEVER had a mandate to censor and destroy people's livings, for their OWN selfish Agendas!

In contemplation, of the recognition of Love, and its power for healing and forgiveness:

Once we have HONESTY and TRUTH!

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