"THA Thoughts" Begins

We are happy to announce that we will now start publishing articles based on the content within our regular interviews and talks.  This has been something we have wanted to do for a while and here it is.

As well as our usual Podcasts and some more video content uploaded to our YouTube Channel will be publishing an increasing number of articles here written by our hosts Paul Obertelli, John White & David Parry. We are also always looking for more contributors to our community and would be happy to hear from you.

To listen to more of our Podcasts you can now access our shows through Spotify, Tunein, iTunes & Stitcher.


THA Talks does not endorse or promote all the views ideas or claims expressed by our guests. The show is created for open discussion and to encourage shared insight & opinions.

At times this may touch on potentially offensive or controversial topics. Please enjoy but bear this disclaimer in mind.

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