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The Skripal Saga


In the last 12 days, relations between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have nosed-dived into the floor.

This follows the poisoning of Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia, discovered frothing and twitching on a bench in the town of Salisbury at 16:15 hours, Sunday 4th of March. This is now claimed to be an attempted assassination with a Nerve Agent, named as Novichok: an action so botched that it’s also put 100’s of people at risk in the town and surrounding area, as well as causing the critical illness of Policeman DS Nick Bailey: according to the UK Government.

Sergei Skripal, daughter Julia
Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Julia

Speaking as a Truthseeker, these have been challenging days. It is a very uncomfortable feeling, to feel that the lives of everyone in the country could be at stake: based on a narrative from the government we still don’t know if we can trust. Well actually, that we are most certain we can’t.

Where is the line the patriot walks in such times? This is the sobering question that has confronted the truth community in the UK.

Did the Kremlin want to take out this guy? And gave the order to do so with NERVE AGENT!? Why not just a bullet? The victim was Russian: so in the current political climate, there’s a high chance Russia would be blamed whatever: was it worth the risk of killing him at all?

Now Skripal, he was traitor. That cant be argued against. He was in Russian Intelligence, he was a double agent, and he shopped vital information to MI6 for cash: for years!

BUT: he was caught. He was tried. He was sentenced. He was jailed. Then, in 2010, the Russian state chose to release him and swapped him with the UK to get femme fatal spy “Anna Chapman” back. As far as Russia was concerned Skripal was old news. He wasn’t on Putin’s desk or pinned on the wall having knives thrown at him. He was nothing.

Unless: it was something Skripal was up to over here more recently We now know that he did help MI6 ex-spy Christopher Steele write the “Russia Russia” dossier through Orbis/Fusion GPS, paid for by the FBI, the Democratic Party, and the Clinton Campaign. This document’s credibility has now totally collapsed with the revelations of the FISA and SENATE memo’s. It seems that Skripal was looking over stuff that Steele was cooking for the dossier and using his knowledge to add a little verisimilitude: but this also explains mistakes in the dossier: because at that point Skripal hadn’t been in Russia for 8 years and out of the loop even longer.

Now that Dossier has damaged Russia’s reputation badly: traduced would be a good word. And Putin has been rather tolerant in the face of continued provocation with US accusations Russia interfered in some way in the US election: as well as claims Trump colluded with them.

So its also interesting that the very day Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of being responsible, the Congressional Intelligence Committee cleared Donald Trump of collusion.

Therefore on that basis, Skripal’s involvement in the dodgy dossier (a scheme that has now failed, with the Mueller investigation pushing into a close-up phase and Trump looking strong in office), gives a motive for several parties to potentially want him killed.

Sure, the Kremlin is one, but such a possibility is consistently problematic in terms of rationality.

Another would be the Clinton Cabal, the corrupt clique at the heart of the prior admin. Skirpal’s testimony could potentially have seen them hang. Taking him out, and blaming Russia at the same time, that’s a good scam.

Yet another would be the UK state itself.

The Establishment in the UK is a knotted ball of privilege and advantage. Politicians, Lords, Clergy, Bankers, Freemasons, Judges, Moguls, Spooks, and everyone ultimately jumping to the strings of the Monarchy. Its fair to say, the longer the day: the less they do wrong: because whenever the light is off them, the darkness comes out to play.

Sorting this mess out, the snakepit of the City of London and the corridors of power, the secret societies and conspiracies, let alone the dodgy stuff the actual government gets called on, the British state struggles for any trust from the British people.

While true, some yahoo’s are backing the government's claims against Russia, most are far more cautious and disquieted by the unseemly rush and refusal to show evidence for objective international analysis, as stipulated in the Convention on Chemical Weapons, to which both Russia and the UK are signatories.

With Portland Down, the notorious chemical facility of the UK state, that has a history of testing chemical weapons on the unsuspecting public and morals that would disgrace a rat, a mere 8 miles away from Salisbury, the ease with which the UK government could have done this itself and pointed the finger at Moscow is well within the “child’s play” level of difficulty. Also, the Skripal poisoning occurred on the 2nd weekend of a 3-week Chemical Weapon exercise, “Toxic Danger”, being conducted by the Army. Hundreds of soldiers have poured into Salisbury: very “Johnny-on-the-spot”. Is this another example of “exercise” going “real-time”? The Hallmark is there.

Moscow, actually, has been DIRECTLY saying this in Tweets from the Russian Embassy. Directly accusing the British State of putting this on to smear them. Some might say that was desperation to shift blame. Others might say desperation to be heard, through a relentless barrage of belligerent propaganda from the UK press and broadcast media.

Why might the UK state want to do that?

The British people have been causing the state no end of trouble. Especially by going along and Voting for Brexit 21 months ago. The entire UK establishment is against the people on this, they drag their feet, they try to subvert the vote, and the Remain campaign just made a very concerted effort to try and whip up demand for a 2nd EU Referendum: that fell flat on its arse. The people want the Brexit they voted for, they want Britain to be an independent nation on the seas of commerce once more, able to bring prosperity to its people. We are a long way still from that and the British Swamp needs draining for that Vision to have a chance to succeed.

By creating a “scary Bear out there” narrative the UK Gov may hope to get us to cling once more to the bosom of Brussels. Certainly, if the deeply refrigerated relations Britain and Russia are now sinking to, any military action would see the EU leap to the UK’ side, creating the EU vs Russia war the Euro-elites have been spoiling for at least the last 4 years. They are insane, so what can we expect?

The EU is collapsing internally, German debt levels are going critical, Italy wants to break out of at least the Euro, Britain’s money being taken off the table creates a huge shortfall in the EU’s budget. With or without the UK, the EU is a collapsing Empire. And in such situations, getting into a War has been used as a reset button many times through history: no: it doesn’t work very often. But it remains an option of last resort.

Yulia Skirpal is also a potential target: in fact, this could equally as well be a hit on her, not her father. Skripals niece, Victoria, has gone on record saying Yulia was in a relationship with the son of a powerful female intelligence officer ( the UK press has not given the names) who was angry her son wanted to marry into “the family of a traitor”. The possibility rogue agents within the Russian State, or criminals with access to Russian weapons via the post-Cold War corpse stripping of the USSR, could have done this are strong.

For all the world turns on grand narratives and tales of plots and conspiracies, the world also turns on dumb luck and stupid incompetence. The idea some bonehead could have been given a mission and cocked it up can never be 100% ruled out. Would make a tragedy of the damage to international relations.

But then Putin also has enemies: one of them was Sergei Skripal himself. Skripal would have the attitude and experience to be able to do something like this: maybe he was distraught with his daughter from the other point of view, mad with her for being willing to marry into the upper circle of the Putin regime? Maybe his time was done, maybe he was ill, and he decided to use that special vial he had smuggled in for an act of final revenge on Putin, knowing his death would be blamed on the Russian state. UK media is a snarling pack of wild dogs, who are hardly going to hold off on judgment with a poisoned Russian Spy to shout about: he could be certain who they would blame. If this supply had been stored incorrectly for some time, could that weaken its strength and explain its failure to be swiftly lethal, and sporadic contamination? I don’t know…. seems possible.

But, beyond the suspects, now we have the reality.

President Trump has given cautious support: but also there are noises the Americans want their own people to look at the evidence.

And the evidence remains a troubling factor.

There is the Convention on Chemical Weapons that stipulates an international process to bring an accusation of the use of banned chemical weapons such as Nerve Agent: especially Novichok. Both the UK and Russia are signed to that convention and should be using that process.

If the British State’s evidence is so compelling that “there is no alternative explanation”, as Prime Minister May has claimed, should it not be simple to skip along to the OPCW, flourish our evidence, and have every country in the world, obligated by law, standing with us against Russia, backing our demands for explanation/reparation?

Yet that’s the last thing the British Government seems to want to do.

That is disturbing because if this was a British Inside Job, protecting our “evidence” from being examined, and found to be rubbish, would be vital. Why will my government not use all the channels available to it, and give the world, and myself, a solid case to get behind? If Russia did do this thing then, of course, I would back the British state making a response such as expulsions and sanctions. Instead, the people are left in the dark.

Even more disturbing, is if this was such a conspiracy, its aim in provoking a Russian War would be to re-cement Britain to the EU and make the next War “EU vs Russia”, with Britain caught up in the wake of conflict.

Can we believe the British Establishment could trigger a war for its own aims and loyalties to groups like Bilderberg, above and beyond the plebiscite of the ordinary British people? We would have to be utterly ignorant of British History not to be skeptical of the UK Establishments narratives, both in general and in this specific case.

And that seems the most dangerous risk of all now: If Britain could pull off one false flag: it can pull off another: and simply strike itself, blame Russia, and unleash hell.

I also try to think of this from Putin’s point of view.

Of course, if Putin was behind this he would just tough it out. But that’s the problem when a State is accused. If the accusations are lies, they will be denied. If the accusations are true, they will also be denied. There isn’t a “win” there for Russia. It can speak Crystal truth, and it will still look like lies. Indeed the Russian Embassy has been tweeting with true transparency, directly accusing the British State of “putting on” Salisbury to smear Russia. This does not bode well for where this is going. Russia isn’t going to accept Theresa May’s say so, that’s for sure.

But let's assume that Putin didn’t do this. For all his time in office, he has dealt with an aggressive and expansionist EU, with western interference in internal Russian affairs, including elections. Russia’s ability to grow economically is constrained by Western control of its international exchange rates: Russian Law having been re-written to advantage the West as a price for the West’s “aid” after the collapse of the USSR. Putin runs the government, but Russia doesn't have true control of its currency. All his career, Putin has been trying to improve the deal with Russia and hold the country together.

And while doing this, he has been confronted and acted in response to, military encirclement of Russia by NATO, increasing numbers of missile systems able to fire deep into Russian Territory.

On top of Ukraine, accusations over Russia's role in Syria: and of course the traducing Russia has taken on the basis of the Steele Dossier that Sergei Skripal worked on, helping out his ex MI6 mate, have all been warning signs of increased risk of conflict with the West. If Hillary Clinton had won the White House, she was hell-bent on imposing a No-Fly Zone in Syria that would have swiftly led to conflict with Russia and its middle east alliance.

Putin might look at the balance of all this, and the fact that Russia is being accused of major crime without being shown proof: (which in fact impedes Russia’s ability to investigate within to maybe find answers), and think that his nation just doesn’t have a chance of a fair shake in its relations with the ruling establishment in the UK and the EU. He might look at the ongoing encirclement and calculate it is only a matter of time before his potential enemies could strike damaging targets deep inside Russia, and that waiting just makes them stronger and his position weaker: for a War, they are SURE to start at some point: as a distraction from the EU’s internal woes: possibly soon!

At which point does Putin decide that tolerance is no longer rational?

Russia has a significant military advantage over Europe. An EU vs Russia War is the war the Russian Army is designed to fight: a War of swift total territorial advancement with hardened troops known for aggressive fury. A nightmare to take on.

On top of this, Russia has been strongly developing nanotechnology for 15 years: while the West has stood dead still, vested interests unwilling to unleash the next wave of technology for fear of losing their dominance. This has not been an issue inside Russia. As a result, Russia has the cutting edge of military tech, hypersonic missiles, radar invisible planes, cloaked submarines, and advanced armor and battle gear.

Europe could not stand against Russia without bringing in the USA. But that doesn’t mean the EU’s leaders aren’t crazy enough to believe a scheme to drag in the USA could work. Georgia’s President did in 2008: he actually declared WAR on Russia believing he could force NATO to come to his side. NATO did no such thing and Russia took Georgia in less than 24 hours: with a lightening tank strike of over 6000 vehicles. Swift: overwhelming: decisive.

I certainly have no desire to see Britain conquered by Russia. A War is a horrifying prospect, especially how easily Nuclear Weapons would obliterate mainland UK. This is a small Island hardly able to take Nuclear hits. In fact, there has never been a Nuclear Exchange scenario that wasn't doom for the British People. Anyone who flirts and gambles with that is a lunatic.

I do know that the British people have got genuine cause to seek reformation inside the UK. As President Trump is draining the US swamp, and the world is about to learn how far that means going, people across Europe including in the UK are going to be thinking “we could do with some of that”. That may also explain the desperation of the EU elite, including its loyalists in the UK. Trump is about to provide all 550 million people in the EU with the threat of a jolly good example, and they know what that means for their way of life: and their necks!

Peaceful diplomacy, democracy, and the application of the rule of law. This is what I stand for. I never stand for War, I always stand for Peace. And it really isn't worth any compromise. If people start a War anyway, dammit, I did what I could: and I know sooner or later Peacemakers will be needed again to end the bloody thing. That's how that always goes.

If a declaration of war was made between Russia and the EU, my mission would be to survive long enough to be part of re-making the peace. However, that would seriously challenge even Tom Cruise.

Unfortunately, Russia’s hypersonic technology looks like it may well give them first strike advantage: they out-nuke the EU 5 to 1 at least, and if EU weapons can be disabled before they can fire: Nuclear War is theoretically winnable: seductively attractive even.

The old doctrines of Mutually Assured Destruction might not apply.

Now in the case of a Nuclear Exchange across the UK, most of the population lives in a primary blast zone. Its not a big country. It would all be all over real quick. So I would just like to take this opportunity of saying to any future reader in a parallel universe where such a thing has occurred, on behalf of all British Truthers... as live-streamed out the UK in our last 10 seconds...

“Oh well. Bugger. Served Truth with Honour: Over to you: make the best of it 07”

However we are not there yet, and despite the increasing severity of repressive pressure on speech in the UK, it is still Peacetime, and I will exercise my rights accordingly.

The dire threat of extermination NEVER stopped Doctor Who fighting to save the day: I can but emulate that example and trust you do too.

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