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What the hell is Populism anyway? 


Over the last few years the word “populism” has been used more and more when engaging in or listening to political debate. 

To the ear it sounds quite positive and from a political perspective, surely extremely relevant. But in the western world today our media and career politicians tend to view the word as a problematic and menacing one.  To find the roots of the word, we can go back to the 19th century in Russia, with movements like the “narodnichestvo”, from “narod”, meaning “People”, which becomes “people-ism”, or today “Populism”  

Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) are a populist protest movement causing chaos in France, now spreading across Europe and the West.

These movements are generally groups that have become united in their cause, fueled by the mounting issues they experience and see in their daily lives, while their concerns and voices are ignored or even attacked and degraded. This makes them completely opposed to the authority and advice of the elite powers and structures around them, and craving change. So it really is no shock that the UK media and career politicians speak the word with concern, rather than with passion.

There have been nations that were taken over by populist movements, which did not pan out too well, The Bolshevik revolution early last century followed by the Fascist movements in Europe, were all built upon populist movements, all be it well-financed ones. Also, populist movements in the past have waved the flag for democracy and more liberty. The far-left often call their power exchanges "revolutions" while the rest of us call them civil wars. So, while a large number of our politicians and utterly corrupt media look down on these movements, fearing the people not thinking or wanting what they want them to think and want, there are indeed genuine dangers in populist uprisings if not respected. They ultimately seek to alter the whole political paradigm and to rebuild something else. which in truth, is not an extreme thing to want, particularly if you are suffering every day and feeling ostracized by the way society is. But it can indeed have extreme consequences.

All that said, this does not stop me from supporting it and being a populist my self. What is often ignored about last century's communist and fascist populist movements, is that they did not all spring from nothing. They were not filled with rage and intolerance for no reason, regardless of their ill fate and disastrous conclusion. We, of course, all know about the horrors and disastrous events that unfolded during those times, which none of us would ever want to be made to live through again. But all this should not automatically mean that if similar issues should arise again, guilty of antagonizing and raising similar reactions and fears, that those seeking change or refusing to play along with the new enforced political norms, they should not have to remain silent and obedient, fearing that if not they will undoubtedly cause millions to starve to death in gulags or be wiped out in gas chambers. To be frank, the rhetoric is getting thin and boring, and if anything, it plays down the genuine horrors of ww2.

Red Guard Communists, from Bolshevik Russia 1917

Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union Of Fascists, 1936

No, it was not the needs and fears of people that caused the death of so many million last century, it was not the populism that declared war on one another. It was just the people that died. And I am not convinced that the people today leading populist movements want millions of fellow citizens to die. oddly enough.  But perhaps we are so thick, so common, and so uneducated, we may cause our authorities to uncontrollably lead us charging into a ww3. What the people really want is to be heard and to have their voices count and reflect within the environment they live in, not feel as though they are criminals or vermin for caring about it all. 

Populist movements only rise when the people's leaders are either extremely bad at their jobs, or extremely corrupt, it is the leaders who are always responsible for such movements. It is they who are accountable for when large portions of the people are desperately unhappy and when people are left unhappy, they will inevitably become less pleasant.

While we can always recognize the basic concepts of right and left minded people out there, what is happening today is that the left and right of old is being diluted into a centrist position which is built upon the globalist ideology, be it Blair, Brown, Cameron, May or Clegg, they all serve the exact same cause, all be it some of them prioritizing various issues before the others. Socially they are very liberal, but their economical behavior certainly does not appease the socialist-leaning left. Extreme corporate capitalism is nothing at all like the free-market capitalism that libertarians and traditional conservatives support. But it's also very much part of the private enterprise in which the socialist-leaning left oppose.  But here is the catch, and something left sometimes overlooks. The corporate capitalism we see dominating the world now is becoming a tag team between global corporate brands and centralized governments. Once these corporations own everything and work hand in hand with a globalist government, Then, in theory, you have a global state that owns and controls all production and wealth. This leads me to believe that it is indeed a left-wing idea that is behind the global elite powers, behind globalist corporatism and the global private enterprise, though with an unfolding agenda that has not completely arrived yet.

Trotsky, unlike other more nationalist thinking socialists, viewed communism as essentially something that had to be implemented through a global platform. He would be very proud of today's globalists and the direction they are going in. We were, of course, warned about such people a year or so before anti-authoritarianism activist and writer George Orwell passed away, when he wrote a list of 135 names and notes for the "Information Research Department" (IRD), a department set up by Labour in 1948 which was antic-communist. This list included politicians, historians, journalists, writers, and entertainers, all of which he believed to be crypto Trotskyites with the goal of infiltrating the left, western politics and culture. This list is known as "Orwell's List" and includes names like Charlie Chaplin and JB Priestley. He also made notes beside some on the list, like the following.. Stephen Spender – "Sentimental sympathiser.. Tendency towards homosexuality".  Kingsley Martin – "Decayed liberal. Very dishonest".  Paul Robeson – "very anti-white. Henry Wallace supporter"

Leon Trotsky, The Marxist revolutionary who helped establish Russia’s one-party authoritarian state. Rejecting the “Socialism in one country” theory, he was a proponent for an International “permanent revolution”

George Orwell, Anti authoritarian & totalitarianism activist, author of “Nineteen Eighty-Four” & “Animal Farm”

We often hear the "Alt-Right" or "Alt-Lite" movements use the term "The Left" to describe the globalists and SJW types, while the ideology certainly seems to be reproaching ideas from various left-wing groups of early last century, and most certainly asserts an extremely liberal authority on society, this ideology certainly does not represent the view of all left-wing activists and supporters, much like it did not convince the very patriotic Democratic Socialist, George Orwell. The liberalism we see today is no longer about live and let live, but a case of give up all freedom so the state can all lead us towards "perfection".  

As addressed by the likes of Marine Le Pen and Steve Bannon, what we see today is not so much a battle between the left and the right, but between globalism and nationalism. And through my generation and earlier generations, Nationalism has been getting its arse kicked. Why? because it has not even really known its under attack. We have been ignorant of how important it is, degrading it and all that springs from it, in art, education, and politics. too many have grown up ignorant to what it has actually done for us and the world. But there is indeed an awakening, the question is, how far will these globalist lunatics go?, and where can we go from here?

Populism today is mainly in opposition to the authoritarian and less democratic structures being built around us all the time, in which nations are increasingly being governed by impracticable and inefficient leaders, who always seem to be tolerated as they simply maintain course towards the ultimate end goal. This is seen allot within globalist organizations like the EU, UN, and complicit governments around the world with the help of global banks and corporate media and entertainment. It is controlled by a know it all elite who ignore the wishes of the indigenous folks, working classes and lower middle classes around the western world. Its these same groups that were rejecting the invasive authoritarianism in ww2, choosing their own nation and identity, over the so-called revolutions of the global working classes. It's no surprise these same people are now being punished and ignored by the globalist system rejected in the past.

Over the years and up to recently the opponents of globalism have mainly been the pro-nationalist type movements, largely due to the mass immigration that has shot up since Tony Blair's government and has been flying like crazy ever since.  libertarians, disillusioned conservatives, and various far-right groups have been growing ever since these times. Another reason is, they have seen more than anyone, the values of western nationalism and its preservation deteriorate, as their ideas that are rooted within nationalism have increasingly been cast away, as if being passed its sell-by date. While lefties have noticed the selling off of national assets to the global private enterprise, it has taken them longer to realize that there is an even bigger issue in hand, but today, in France and in particular Italy, we have seen the awareness of both as they have started to oppose the globalist interests. France via its ongoing violent street riots, and in Italy with the left and right-wing populist coalition government currently in place. 

This increasing populist growth has interestingly exposed further the manufactured "Antifa" movements, who are very much in support of this globalist Trostkite agenda. Even though they see its authoritarian claws digging into our sides day by day, they will attack those in the streets that opposing it. We see globalism promote austerity across the west in the attempt to bottleneck our wealth and pass it on to slower and poorer nations, though sucking the western working class for all they can get as they do so. But Antifa, knowingly or unknowingly, are clearly not fighting for the workers, or for the UK. They are fighting for the globalists, and have learned to hate their nation, people and culture, by design.

While they wave the flag of the 1930s "Antifaschistische Aktion" movement, created during the success of the Nazi movement in Germany, they will claim that they are for the people, and fighting the evil "fascist" elite.  While I am sure many people in the movement do actually believe they are united against the "racist" "bigoted" "white male patriarch" and it's growing "fascism", nothing could be further from the truth, and the people they attack have been under the foot of the elite for quite some time now, with nationalism far from being in the interests of this global elite.  In the eyes of Antifa we deserve no human rights or a chance to express ourselves. They are no populist movement, they are a part of the reason that real populist movements are growing. Antifa protect nothing, are not of a people, as they are not rooted into any type of existing collective, but just focused on destroying other ones. These types just close their eyes and march towards a globalist's vision and promise that has never been founded before and will never exist. They are the symptom of a nation and people that have become lost and self-harming.

Fascism, in many ways can be seen as the immune system of nationalism. Try to kill nationalism and the juices of fascism will start to flow in the nation's blood.  Antifa, like its creators in the 30s are nothing but the provocation and cause of fascism. And like last century, where they were actually one of the main causes of why fascism was even founded, being an alternative to militant and problematic socialism, we see them having the same effect today. They are not anti-fascist because they are anti-authoritarianism, nor are they anti-fascist because they support democracy and freedom of speech. They are anti-Fascist because of its competition to their own authoritarian ideas and imposing ideology. They are anti-Fascist because they are anti-nationalism, and in particular, anti-western nationalism. 

Their hypocrisy can be easily pointed out by underlining the question as to why they chose to use a German communist anti-fascist 1930s flag created by communists Max Keilson and Max Gebhard, but not the flag of the pro-democratic movement "Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold", active around at the same time,  who were anti-far-right but also anti far left and banned by the Nazis in 1933. Clearly Antifa just prefer the authoritarian brand to be the globalist Trotsky one, while possessing no sense of attachment or loyalty to their own people or nations. Most of the time with the help of organizations like "Hope Not Hate", they will simply pretend conservatives are "Nazis" just so they can impose their will on them and shut them down. They are a product of what George Orwell was trying to warn the left about, shortly before he died. I have no doubt that the bulk of these Antifa type groups when possible will continue to try and tarnish and attack any real workers revolt here in the UK.

Formed in 1924 before the formation of “Antifaschistische Aktion”, the “Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold” Emblem, A German pro Democracy, anti Fascist/Communist movement.

The 1932 “Antifaschistische Aktion” flag design, created by Marxist revolutionaries.

So where will this sudden growth in populism lead us? I guess we can expect the media to try as hard as it can to project it as some dangerous Nazi movement as they try to do with any anti-globalist standpoint. But what will determine whether this populist growth is a dangerous one or one that finds its voice heard, will be entirely up to the authorities who have overseen its growth. It will depend on how huge social media corps continue to develop and how well alternative platforms can do, and if the Twitters and Facebooks of the world maintain their own bias while shutting people down. It will depend on if the mainstream media continue to act like Nurse Ratched from "One flew over the cuckoo's nest",  ignoring everything we want while persisting in what we should be wanting. And it depends on if the politicians and the politically correct establishment insist on forcing us in their direction. We can hope that other politicians are out there who are on the case and can deal with this fire, with diplomacy and common sense. Or perhaps the globalist elite intends on charging on with their ideas regardless, hoping to create a lid to place on top of this boiling populist rise, airtight and firmly locked. But if so, even if it managed to avoid an almighty explosion, it is hardly the environment we would want our kids to grow up in. We need change. 

“Nurse Ratched” from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. An authoritarian nurse at a mental institution. A good characterization of what the west’s mainstream media has become.

It's actually very difficult to know where populism will go from here and what turns it will take in the future. But one things for sure, I will be behind it and will sleep well at night doing so. Because you can't stump the Trump, you cant barge the Farage, there ain't no derootin Putin, And there's no Gammon like Bannon!

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