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Why I’ll Be At The London “Free Tommy” Protest


With just ten days passed since the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, there have been thousands taking to the streets of London, North England, and even around the world. On the 9th of June, a well organized peaceful worldwide protest will take place, and will probably see one of the biggest turnouts on the streets of London. Me and others here at THA very much plan on attending. Here is why I shall be there.

Well, if you scroll through Google search and read all the mainstream and left-wing journals, the first thing you will read is either "Far Right", "Ex EDL leader", "Fraudster" "Who's real name is.." and anything else that these people can use to smear and slander him with, as they will do with anyone who also opposes the globalist pro politically correct authority that now rules our mainstream media as well as this trendy left-wing liberal extremism these days.

On the morning of Friday, the 25th Tommy arrived outside Leeds Crown Court with a live stream on his Facebook account that was being recorded via his mobile phone. He simply reported that there was a case about to be completed and read out the names and accusations of the accused, this info was taken from a previously published BBC report. He then proceeded to film some of the accused as they entered the court entrance, gloating as he asked them what they thought of their convictions, as they hurled abuse back at him, one of them motioning what he would like to do with Tommy's mother.

He spent most of his live stream just looking around and talking about how the media have always played this stuff down and how he had to be careful in what he reports, and he even asked a police officer standing within the court's grounds if he was overstepping any boundaries, who confirmed he was ok. The overhanging risk here though was that previously, about a year ago, Tommy had received a three month suspended sentence for filming inside the Canterbury Court waiting rooms.

After about seventy minutes of his Leeds live stream, about seven Police officers approached him and proceeded to arrest him for "breaching of peace", stating that "the content in what you are streaming, is breaching the peace", Still filming, Tommy asked them to repeat what he was being arrested for, as they led him to their van. He was then vaguely informed that he was being arrested for "suspicion of breaching the peace". Tommy then asked them what that meant, he was given no answer and put in the back of a van.

This arrest was ridiculous. Why was he not arrested for contempt of court? which is what he was charged with. And why were they allowed to change their reasoning while he was not even permitted time with his own solicitor? I don't know. Within about four hours he was placed in Hull Prison where he is expected to serve out 13 months there.

One might argue that his three months suspended sentence may well have been at risk, even though he was not on court grounds and did not publish any information that was not already made available via the BBC website. But the main issue comes from the extra ten months slapped on by the judge. If Tommy had not received a three months suspended sentence and just did what he did that day, was he really breaking the law? and if so, did it really merit ten months in a prison where his life would be put at risk? He clearly referred to the accused as "alleged" in relation to what they were standing trial for and mentioned nothing about the other two segments of this big case that has been divided into three hearings. Then, of course, there was the fact that the jury had already made their assessment for this case, as it was supposed to be the last day. This all debunks the claims that he risked giving the accused grounds for a retrial claim, which has been peddled to yet again make him out to be the bad guy that does not really care for his cause, even though it has landed him thirteen months in a prison full of people who would like to seriously hurt or kill him.

To be fair, if we are to be critical of Tommy, I would point out the comments made by the judge who handed him his three months suspended sentence about a year ago, who stated the following..

“This contempt hearing is not about free speech. This is not about the freedom of the press.......“This is not about legitimate journalism; this is not about political correctness; this is not about whether one political viewpoint is right or another. It is about justice, and it is about ensuring that a trial can be carried out justly and fairly."......" If you commit any further offense of any kind, and that would include a further contempt of court by similar actions, then that sentence of three months would be activated, and that would be on top of anything else that you were given by any other court.”

In all honesty, Tommy made a mistake going to Leeds court that morning. Reason being that he gained very little for a relatively high risk. Why not send one of his willing colleagues to do it for him and stay away?. The warning by the judge was rather shady when she stated "by similar actions", but also left grounds for great risk, why take the risk?

That said, there is no getting away from the fact that the manner in how he was convicted, and arrested was simply ugly.

Tommy Robinson
Tommy outside court

We can also look at other private journalists sympathetic to Tommy's concerns who have since been shown reporting outside the same court for the same trial. The "Sikh Awareness Society" (SAS) reporter going into more depth than Tommy did with police on looking while making no arrests. This was a report that was arguably published during a more crucial and critical time of the trial, with a bigger camera and crew. Then we can also point to the hypocrisy from the courts while allowing the media to report on other similar cases with a blatant risk of manipulating the perception of the prosecution. This BBC article reporting on another grooming gang case in Rotherham at Sheffield Crown Court only days before Tommy was arrested, the misleading headline 'Rotherham child sexual abuse claim 'made up to boost EDL cause' stinks of hypocrisy .

SAS reporting outside Leeds Court
The “Sikh Awareness Society” reporting on the same case last August.

A worrying thought is, putting aside his own suspended sentence, if he really was breaking the law that morning, enough for an immediate ten-month sentence, then what that really means is anyone in their bedrooms who are running a live stream and reading out published content relating to a given case, and talking about it, could also be regarded as breaking the law and worthy of imprisonment. If the court has suddenly decided there is a reporting restriction on that given case. It's these muddy grounds that are starting to expose our court system and police as less trustworthy and falling short of assuring fair justice. It's these muddy grounds, and grounds in which seem to give judges more power at their whim as opposed to within the legal borders we have had for many years. We seem to be allowing our politicians and courts to very slowly implement an authoritarian UK state.

The truth of the matter is, Tommy has been jailed because he is Tommy Robinson because he speaks out un-apologetically against the issues that have most people walking on eggshells, because he sees urgency in his cause and because he has been successful in raising awareness and unity to his cause. As for those who claim he is a fascist? If Fascists organize huge free speech demos in central London, then what's the problem?

But now to the crunch, there is a much bigger issue at play here. Tommy has just been successful in creating a large and vibrant Civic Nationalist movement who opposes the growing threat of far-right cultures within the expanding western Islamic community.

Looking at the explosive rallies in places like Turkey, for example, The English have a right to feel short-handed, while in England every time they hold up an English flag for the sake of their country's political interests, it is so often used by the media as a reason to degrade them, belittle them, and humiliate them. To Tommy's credit, he has created a movement that has been able to wave that flag and defend the heart and soul of the British constitution created through the blood and sweat of our ancestors. A few months ago Poland was the latest to be attacked for expressing nationalism with disgusting elements of the UK media even branding them as Nazis simply for waving their flags during their annual independence celebration. The media seemed only focused on addressing any alleged negative worlds spouted out from a mass of around 60.000 people that attended. The Poles, however, know what its like to live under an authoritarian government, and will not allow anyone to stop them waving their flags and expressing their national identity. And Tommy, to his credit, has created a movement that I think feel confident to do the same, and its this very harmless thing that the liberal extremists and the authorities within the media across Europe seem to despise.

A Patriotic rally in Turkey
A Patriotic rally in Turkey

The Polish celebrating their Independence, criticized by UK media

Tommy Rally
Tommy’s Free Speech rally in Central London last month

Tommy is not a far-right activist, in fact, a large percentage of the Far Right movement do not like him, and some even despise him. In order for me to really explain why, I would need to write a whole article for that, which I will do soon. But the bottom line is, Tommy is pro Israel, is a civic nationalist, he is quite liberal. He has at times even had violent exchanges with those on the far right as well as he has with those on the left. Now, given that those on the far right are the most suppressed political groups in Europe, and anyone who even debates or has a dialog with them while sharing some concerns with them, are usually lynched by the media and condemned. For this reason, it's very hard to know where people really stand, as they are simply not free to stand in some places, or have the same freedom to express themselves as others do. So some are indeed forced into packaging their ideas so they can at least move forward with them, is this the case with Tommy? Well, if we had free speech we would not have to worry about it as we could simply ask them. Personally, I think with Tommy its what you see is what you get. And before the effects of mass immigration hit the country, my guess is,  he would have been a labor voter. And if there was more of the likes of him within the Labour party today, they would have probably booted the Tories out of power a long time ago.

Much of the public perception of Tommy and others like him is mostly due to the fact he is a Cockney working-class lad who won't shy away from a scrap. And besides the cowardice from people when too afraid to defend some of his views among their ultra-liberal friends, allot of the scorn is based around something that has sadly existed in this country for a long time, and is simply a case of pure snobbery and belittlement towards the traditional British working classes. They do not like the thicker skin of those who might have not had the education they have had, or have afforded the same hand cream. But they also do not understand the tribal instinct that still exists within these working classes, who know that they are first in line for the chop if a plan goes wrong and that their unity is very important to them. Human beings are from a species that are indeed tribal, "Oh Tommy Tommy... Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Rob-in-son" like the unity you hear at a football match. While football works as a great way for people to express these emotions, sometimes they are needed for things that really matter. And I for one am pleased and proud that there have been signs of this being demonstrated on the streets of London, and have not needed to be violent.

From the "Alt Rights" perspective, they are deeply concerned, as am I, about the demographic changes taking place around Europe, because of mass immigration and socially encouraged low birth rates from white Europeans, there is sufficient data that shows that if nothing changes, we will perhaps leave our grandchildren as a minority in the UK and maybe Europe. I don't care what new social constructs there are that now claim this is all fine, as much as I am happy to mix with other racial and ethnic groups and judge an individual based on their own personalty and how they treat me, I feel, for many valid reasons, that all the racial and ethnic groups around the world deserve a place that they are placed at the heart of. I will defend any group, white, black, Asian or whoever if they are neglected of this right. While Tommy does not completely address this, and one of the reasons he is not trusted by the "Alt-Right", I think he still defends the culture which serves the people of the UK and also raises enough awareness for many issues that need addressing.

Tommy is also fairly supportive of Israel, so therefor is regarded by some on the Far Right as a "Zionist Shill". But It's important to distinguish a difference between the "Far Right" and the "Alt-Right". The "Far Right" simply being those who hold a firm unwavering Right Wing ideology. And the "Alt-Right", a movement discontent with the mainstream conservative parties and feel that conservatism and nationalism are being deeply neglected and oppressed, as well as identity politics progressively condemning white people, particularly white males in their own continents. I do share many concerns the alt-right have but have at times been too annoyed by some of their dogmatic ways and far-right elements for me to really identify completely with it.  I think the dream of living in the 50s family unit is too far gone, although it's clear that Marxist ideology has ruined much of the family tradition today, and some healthy treatment, or a reminder of how important it is, would not go a miss. I think there are genuine issues to address regarding the Zionist movement and their powerful lobbyists in the US and Europe, and the extreme treatment of those who are critical. But I also recognize there are many many Jews in Europe who are just as concerned about what is happening to Europe as I am. While I do not support some of Israel's behavior towards the Palestinians whose lives are often disregarded very easily, I do respect Israel's right to be there and have a dedicated state, As all should have.

Of course, the Alt-Right is a broad movement with actually quite a lot of views and it's important not to tarnish it all with the same brush. But this is another niggle I have with the Alt-Right, it is too much of a broad term. It allows the mainstream to condemn and pull many within that bracket like we have seen "Hope Not Hate" do so many times. It's used to pigeon hole and condemn every opinion that opposes them, and to categorize every traditional conservative person or movement with all other extremes far right-wing groups, flagging it all as "Alt-Right" and calling for them all be thrown into their Gulag.

But all that said, I stand by everyone in the alt-right, far-right and far-left, to have their freedoms and free speech protected. The Far Right and Far Left are simply the reason the moderate right and left exist anyway and are usually only ever a problem when one of them is under extreme threat of being wiped out. If a racist person wants to just hang out with white folks, allow them to do so, as long as they do not go around hurting other people. likewise the far left will rise up if private ownership is going crazy as it appears to be doing today, while the huge expanding gap between the wealthy and the working class continues.

We must not forget that just because some of the views from the far-right and alt-right might not be so popular with some, if their freedoms are removed, then that means so are all of ours, this is how it works. This Tommy imprisonment is just another case in the long list of cases that have slowly been unfolding, it's just because Tommy is the most popular it has hit home to more people. "Free Tommy Robinson" means much more than just releasing this brave activist from Prison. It is almost an analogy that has grown from the psych of many Brits out there right now.

We have seen Britain firsts Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen jailed for 5 months and 9 months respectively, while I find their manner and methods clumsy and at times cringe-worthy, again, they speak many truths and I think this sentencing was harsh. Then we have the Count Dankula farce, where he faced the threat of jail and was eventually fined £800 for making a video where he was pretending that he had turned his dog into a Nazi, to wined his girlfriend up.  Last month, past THA Talk's guest and leader of the London Forum Jez Turner, was jailed for a year after being charged and found guilty of antisemitic remarks he made back in 2015 outside Downing street. On the 14th of June, Alison Chabloz will be sentenced after being found guilty of singing "Grossly Offensive" songs on youtube. We have also seen libertarian-conservative journalist Lauren Southern held under the Terrorism Act (no shit), and then banned from entering the UK due to her staging of a satirical demo in Luton while previously visiting the UK. Her aim was to expose hypocrisy, setting up an "Is Allah Gay?" stall in Luton town center.  She was inspired to do this after reading a UK "Vice" article asking "Was Jesus Gay?". The police asked her to take her stall down and leave in order to avoid offense and disrupting the peace. Though she was not arrested, she is now regarded as a terrorist threat by the UK authorities and not allowed back into the country.  Also, Austrian Martin Sellner from "Generation Identity" as well his American girlfriend and activist Brittany Pettibone, both have been banned from entering the UK simply because of their views on immigration and multiculturalism, as well as being scheduled to be interviewed by Tommy Robinson. Then, of course, there are the huge purges carried out by the likes of Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, ruining the means of many people's incomes and preventing freedom of expression, simply for not singing along to the political tune these media platforms demand. We can see clearly that this is a very dangerous direction to go in, and is completely unnecessary.

Jez Turner
Jez Turner, recently jailed for year for antisemitic speech during a London protest.

Alison Chabloz
Alison Chabloz, found guilty of singing “Grossly Offensive” songs, & will be sentenced later this month.

"Hate Crime" is an incredibly dangerous term when used in the context of breaking the law. It means that "Crime" is no longer the point, Hate is. Hate is subjective, Hate is of course also a human emotion, and a right. If you have laws in place and make sure they are applied effectively, then it does not matter who we hate. What we are seeing is "Hate" being used as a reason to accuse and convict. The boundaries of what form crime and which are used to formulate a judgment on breaking the law, are no longer all that is needed because you can now be accused of being "anti" something,  accused of hating it, and hence committing a "hate crime".  And for those who may delight in some of the convictions that have recently been executed? It is vital to understand that this freedom that the authorities are now acquiring means that we have less freedom, and this applies to you and your kids to.  Maybe one day you will be the one with a lot of hate towards an idea or a group's actions, and you or a loved one will end up in those docs for speaking out of tone.

See you on Saturday!

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